One Fair Fixed Price £1850 which includes third party fees. Giving a traditional service at the crematorium of your choice or Burials from £1400 plus Interment Fee. Call our friendly team on Glasgow 0141 647 3040 and Edinburgh 0131 235 2011

Meet the team

Liam Mitchell                                              Irene Mitchell
(Funeral Director)                                      (Office Manager)
Liam is one of the owners of                     Irene is also one of the owners
Fair Price Funerals. He comes                  and also has come from a nursing
from a nursing background and                 background with over 35years in the
although he is young, he is a                     Industry. She will be your first initial
very caring and supportive to                    contact when you call and will be happy
families at a difficult time. He                     to answer any questions you may have.
is very passionate about his job.                         
Mike Mitchell                                              Donna Ball
(Funeral Operative)                                   (Funeral Celebrant)
Mike is also a director in the                      Donna is a fully trained funeral  
business. His day to day job                      celebrant with a passion for people
is assisting Liam with funeral                     and their stories. She is open hearted
arrangements and also assisting               and open minded with a wealth of experience
Liam on the day of your loved ones           in service planning and writing. Donna wil put 
Funeral.                                                      you at ease and ensure your loved one gets
                                                                   a send off thats unique and just perfect for them 
                                                                   and those closest to them.